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Meet a DEADBEAT Mother

DeadBeat Parents (In another sense)




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Meet a  Deadbeat Mother
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The information listed within this website is to inform others of a "DeadBeat Mom" that may live in their area. In this matter the person named & the information provided is my Ex-Wife Roberta J. Kacinko.

Most Current & Personal Information I have to date:

  • Name: Roberta Jacquline Kacinko

  • Maiden Name: Adams

  • AKA: Bert Kacinko, Bert Adams, Bert Lightner

  • Pa OLN# 24103463

  • D.O.B:  June 5th, 1967

  • Sex: Female 

  • Age: 38

  • Height: 5'3"

  • Weight: 220 lbs

  • Hair: Dirty Blonde/Brunette

  • Eyes: Hazel

  • Last known Home Ph: 412-247-0771

  • Mother of: 2 other Children from Robert Kacinko (2nd Ex-Husband)

  • Last 3 known Addresses:  62 Garden Terrace Churchill, Pa. 15221, 113 Marion Ave, Forest Hills, Pa. 15221 & 228 Fleet St. Rankin, Pa. 15104. Her current address now is Superior Ave Munhall, Pa. **See foot note**

  • Last 2 Known Employers: Guardian Angel Ambulance Services located in West Mifflin, Pa. Phone: (412) 462-1400  Fax: (412) 462-4664  Toll Free: (866) 462-1400

    Duquesne EMS Duquesne, Pa.

    She is CURRENTLY employed as a Teacher Aide & is attempting to collect Social Security Disability

  •  Last known employed as: Pa. Emergency Med. Tech.

  • Last known email address: Roberta Jacquline Kacinko.

  • Last known AOL IM: mustangangel35

  • Last known Yahoo ID: LoveSquaw

  • Last known TWD ID: emt bert

  • Last known Vol. Ems Service to run with: Woodland Hills Ems Eight Vine Alley Pittsburgh, Pa. 15221 (412)-351-9111

  • Last known vehicle to own: A purple Mini Van, Possible Ford Windstar, Pa Plate, Registration unk & year unk.

  • Last known person to be dating: John Bycura, White Male, age unknown, works as a Paramedic Supervisor with Guardian Angel Ambulance Services of West Mifflin, Pa.

  • Other known information:

****Ms. Kacinko is technically in Contempt Violation of the above listed Partial Custody Court Order.****


Ms. Kacinko's most current address has been confirmed with the help of this website, THANK YOU to all have emailed me with the information!!



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